Christopher C. Wirth


  • Ph.D. student
  • Research Interests: My research focus is the phylogenetic revision of the charismatic tenebrionid genus Edrotes, whose approximately half a dozen charismatic species inhabitant sand dunes systems in the southwest United States, and the creation of a modern, phylogenetically-informed classification of the tribe Edrotini.
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Wirth, C., and A.D. Smith. In Press. Review of the genus Trichiotes Casey  (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Pimeliinae: Edrotini), with the description of a new species and checklist of Tenebrionidae from Cuatrociénegas, Mexico. Zootaxa

Smith, A.D., and C. Wirth. 2016. A new genus and species of stridulating Edrotini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Pimeliinae) from West Texas, with notes on stridulation within the tribe. Annales Zoologici, 66: 577-587.