Welcome to the Insect Biodiversity Lab

This site primarily highlights the research projects and interests of Aaron D. Smith. I am interested in collaborative research to understand patterns of biodiversity and aid in the discovery and delimitation of species, particularly within the world’s most diverse group of organisms (ie. the class Insecta). I am also focused on promoting public awareness of insect diversity and species conservation as a postdoc with the International Institute for Species Exploration.

Many of the research projects I am leading or participating in are focused on uncovering the evolutionary history of darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) by collecting and analyzing phylogenetically informative data (larval and adult morphology, DNA, and behavior) and applying the results to their classifications though the production of taxonomic revisions. This also allows us to examine how species are recognized based on the application of a species concept, primarily the Phylogenetic Species Concept (PSC). Additional nformation can be found here and details regarding current projects can be accessed here.




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